I just got in a new blood pressure medicine today. I have be

I just got in a new blood pressure medicine today. I have been on so many it’s stupid. I started having Ed problems when I got on bp meds. That was probably 8 years ago. I was sure that they were the cause of my Ed, but know I am not so sure. I know some guys can’t take any bp meds without the symptoms of Ed. After a while it really doesn’t matter what is causing my Ed: anxiety, meds, hbp. I got it and have to deal the best I can but it is constantly on my mind! Any thoughts?

Yes, I am sure that your bp medicines could be causing your ED. ED has to do with the blood supply to the penis and if you have high bp problem then that means your blood is having a hard time going where it needs to be going so they are all connected. As far as getting off the medicines, I am not sure, exercising would help greatly because that will strengthen your heart muscle and allow it to pump the blood better. However, it is important not to just stop taking your meds because if you are not ready to do that it could cause you some real problems.

Joe... The BP meds can definitely be a factor for your ED. Did you make the appointment yet to see your uro about Trimix yet? I know you mentioned that you would here on another thread. Trimix should work for you and it's affordable since it's not from a BIG pharmaceutical company. I just refilled my script for 10ml yesterday and it was $125. 10ml is enough to last me for a year using it 3 times a week at the strength I'm getting.

@Bob1974 I am going to the uro today and I am going to talk to him about the Trimix. I want to regain a somewhat normal sex life and this seems like the next step. I already inject Testosterone once a week and I don’t have a fear of needles. However, I read online that if Trimix if not injected correctly, can cause permanent damage to the penis, so that has me a little nervous.

I assume if you use way too much or use your penis as a pin cushion... yes that would cause permanent damage. If it does work you should have a better than normal sex life as it to give you an erection that doesn't go away until the medicine wears off allowing you to go multiple rounds instead of the usual one and done. The trick is getting the dosage right to have the erection last the desired amount of time. I also love how fast it works... about 5 minutes. UroTalk.com/forums has an ED injection section where you can read some interesting posts about Trimix and there is also a couple good real demonstration videos on how it should be injected.

@Bob1974 I will definitely check it out. The other issue is that I am recently (2 months ago) divorced, so I don’t currently have a sexual partner.