I just had a lapse last night I shot some mdma because I've

I just had a lapse last night I shot some mdma because I've been really lonely and depressed. I've worked so hard to get where I am now 9 months off of H and I have a business. But I feel like I'm starting to slip back, someone please help

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Joe you need to get yourself back on track. You are slipping because you are not taking care of you FIRST. You can't help anyone until you are totally healed.

don't beat yourself up. It's normal . I would be texting a dealer if I was you; getting another gram bag. Although I haven't smoked that , I do get bags of crystal meth everyday! DONT YOU GET BORED WITH TRYING TO RECOVER ?? If God wants us sober, he won't let us have the money to buy it. Right??!

Anyway! I know your taste buds miss the flavor of that drug but you gotta do your thang now

Mdma is not meth but whatever.
I'm trying really hard to stay clean but idk if I can keep going thru all this over and over every few months I just get into a really bad headspace.

@Joseph95 relapse if part of recovery (although I hate this saying - but it is true) you’ve slipped up, yes but doesn’t have to be were you throw your 9 months of sobriety away. You’ve gone 9 months clean! that is awesome and you can keep pushing. You’ve already gone through the worst. It can get lonely sometimes and depression will come every now & then especially getting off of H (trust me I know) but you got this. What are you currently into? working, school, what activities have you gotten yourself into, do you go to meetings? even just going to speaker meetings is fine. You don’t talk but listen to others inspiring stories. They can do it - SO CAN YOU hugs I am here if you ever wanna talk.

Don't feel bad for doing what you feel is necessary. Their just like that because Suboxone is a evil drug to stop with worse withdrawal then heroin. I was on it until I relasped for the last 4 mths. This time I'm doing it cold turkey and I feel ok now 5 days in. Life sucks but it won't forever. Also I deal with severe depression and anxiety. So I am on alot of medicine for it and it helps so much. Without the medicine I probably wld have taken life by now