I just... I'll never feel again. I'll never give my time, so

I just... I'll never feel again. I'll never give my time, soul, and heart to another woman again. I thought I could be her friend. I thought I could be there for her. But she don't even want me there. I keep browsing through our last set of text messages to see if I said or did anything wrong, but what could I have said or did so bad to the point I don't even get a "don't text me anymore" type of text? I'm broken. I haven't heard from her in one day in a half, and the pain cuts deep. I also broke my own rule... "Do not fall in love with anyone, especially another woman while I am married to my husband", and what do I go and do, I fall in love with a woman I work with. I even took her out on a date to let her know I want to be here for her, because of the situation she has going on with her wife, and what does she do? She freakin' slaps me in the face, by not talking to me. Now, I have to face her at work when I go back on Tuesday. Never mind she's off that day, but Wednesday I'll see her. I don't want to see her, if she is gonna hurt me. It hurts!!!

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Hun, maybe like you, she is scared to leave her current relationship.

@CKBlossom She’s already left.