I just joined this group yesterday. I am (yet again) going t

I just joined this group yesterday. I am (yet again) going to try to cut sugar out of my life. I seem to be able to do it for a while, but then I get triggered when I'm at an event with sugar and I binge. I hope this group will help me to get through those triggers without succumbing to my addiction. Anyone else feel this way?

like a page out of my book. I do really well for a long time, and then eat some chocolate, and then hello sugar again. I think though that now I don't beat myself up as much any more, but rather just allow myself to get back up and keep going without the negative self talk. you can do this! we are here for you.

I really appreciated your comment. Pep talks like this are really important to me right now as it's a slippery slope for me when I first cut back the sugar. I feel as if I'm whistling in the dark (so to speak) thinking that "I'm just fine; not eating sugar is a piece of cake (haha)". That is, until the first sign of a dessert and I'm done for.

hi I know how you feel sugar is a problem for me too, can go weeks with very little then just seem to go crazy and can’t get enough - guzzle coke cola like I’m dying of thirst - you stay strong good luck.