I just read a brilliant post describing an analogy whilst pl

I just read a brilliant post describing an analogy whilst planning a narc escape.

It made me think back on my own journey of narc escape and my analogy was being in an on Stage Play. I was the main character who decided to plan my escape by watching the show instead of taking part. I had always resisted and fought HIS script so this time as I quietly sat out the scenes it threw him off and what he didn't know was that I was also planning my own Stage Play called "ME, MYSELF and I" and there was NO part for him.

I watched as my tormentor/husband continued his Act in a one man show which was farcical, tragic, spooky, interesting and at times amusing! Due to my absence, he tried frantically "rewriting", "redirecting" and even "auditioning me - again" and it was during this time of distance, silence, peace and calm that I gained more clarity and strength.

When the day came, I escaped and have NEVER looked back - that was 4 years ago when I found this support group. My new Play is still running and has gone from strength to strength!!! :0)

@kelly72 thank you - your analogy of a computer was excellent!!

Best wishes to all on your healing journey.

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This is perfect! Yes, the analogy of a computer is true, but honestly (since I am very involved in community acting and writing children's plays) this is the perfect analogy. I can SO SO SO identify with this, especially the "one man show...farcical"....soooooo farcical; and spooky, very spooky! You may recall in some of my shares that I told the story of him sitting by the bonfire and telling me about the devil being after him, even saying the devil had him by the ankles and was pulling him into the ground.....complete psycho. But, aren't you glad they played that one man show for us...I mean they showed us who they really were in that ACT and we realized our own scripts didn't have to include them at all. Good riddance to them. I love this so much. Thank you for sharing this awesome analogy. I feel this to my very core. And.....to anyone out there planning an escape, please do it quietly and write your own destiny, don't let some "farcical" control freak do it for you. STRENGTH!! :)

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@kelly72 yes, coming out of the show and being able to watch the “ACT” is such a blessing.

For those of you who haven’t escaped physically, yet, if you can escape emotionally by acknowledging what is going on and detaching enough to watch the “ACT” it can help.

It helped me, before I escaped, because I arrived at “acceptance” so living each day in that state was mentally more peaceful for me.