I just really need advise :(

No matter what I do I can't stop cutting myself. I've made promises to my boyfriend, my best friend, my parents, but I can't keep them.

I cut myself last night and my boyfriend called the police who then showed up at my house at 11 pm. My parents are furious at me and my boyfriend is also. I don't know what I should say to any of them.

You need to go to counseling to see what is the real reason why you want to cut. Please take care of yourself. Until you can take care of yourself, maybe you could use distraction skills so when you have the urge to cut, instead maybe you should start a journal and write down every feeling and feel it as you write instead of doing the harm to yourself. Maybe you could do that until you figure out your next step. Your parents should be taking you to counseling. Please take care of yourself. By writing everything down maybe you will find out in your journals of writing what it is that is causing you to want to harm yourself. Stay strong. So glad you joined. You will get great support here.

I tried to do the same thing. It wasn't until I was ready to stop for myself that I actually felt ready to recover. The best you can do is promise them you will Seek help when you need and will try your hardest to not give in. Only if that is what you truly want though.