I just recently found out (2 months ago) that my husband of

I just recently found out (2 months ago) that my husband of 38 years has been having an affair for the past three years. This is the second time, as far as I know. The first one was 30 years ago. I've been reading all of your posts and can relate to every one of them. I feel like every part of my life has been a lie and everything has been taken from me. My husband is very remorseful and insists "it was only sex". We have been going to MC for the past two months. He is doing everything right at the moment. However, the extreme sadness and depression are, at most times, overwhelming. One minute I love him, the next minute I hate him - just an emotional roller coaster. I am so in need of strength and support. I realize we have a long road ahead of us and am willing to do the work. I believe he is also, at least for now. That is where the doubt creeps in!! My life and my attitude will be forever changed. Any words of wisdom would be truly appreciated. Just sharing with someone besides the counselor lightens the burden a bit. Thanks.

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I'm glad sharing helps you and I'm sorry this has happened to you. Anyone is capable of changing for the better and I hope your husband finds the courage to do what is right. I encourage you both to read the book "not" just friends by Shirley Glass, it will provide much needed insight for both of you. I wish you much strength

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