I just recently found out that i have osteoarthritis because

I just recently found out that i have osteoarthritis because i saw that in my hands i had osteoarthritis nodes. I don't want to be alone in this so i came to support groups were others are going through the same. My pains are tolerable now but i know it will get less tolerable.

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I'm sorry you have to deal with that. Same here, my fingers are all messed up. I do better when I limit sugar and exercising I just have to remind myself certain types of exercises will make my hands hurt the next day. I started getting a trigger thumb about 4 months ago I still have to see a specialist for that. Doing hand stitches and exercises help me the most especially when I'm consistent. Keep moving!

I meant to spell hand stretches.

No but am thinking of starting to do the stretches. And walking more. My job is to clean houses so am practically active all day.

@Ginettesilvana OK that’s even more reason why you need to do stretching. You will have to allow enough time to do them before work, maybe 10 to 20 min before you get ready to go. It helps to do some stretching before you get out of bed too. Start warming up your joints even if all you do are some circles with your ankles, lay on your back bring your knees up towards you and rock from side to side a few times, move your fingers. Look up stretches and pick ones that appeal to you write them down and go by those everyday. Neck stretches are very important it will make a big difference doing stretches everyday. Arm circles, shoulder shrugs and circles there are so many variations of things too so don’t let any of them discourage you. The only way to make yourself a believer in the stretching and exercises is to start doing them and you will see what a difference it will make over time and it will get easier.