I just recently this past summer found out about having primI just recently this past summer found out about having

I just recently this past summer found out about having primary ovarian failure. I'm just now 18. At the beginning I took it relatively in stride besides feeling like I was letting down my mom and grandmother. However now it is hitting me a lot harder since I've been at college. I'm struggling accepting this and not feeling like I'm not a normal woman. I feel like I also will never have anyone to love me and accept me because of this and realizing that if I do ever get a kid they won't have any part of my DNA has made me very upset. Since it's not even been a full year since finisng this out I guess you could say I still definitely haven't accepted it.

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stay strong

I'm trying I just feel like i'm losing my mind. I know it's bad to drink alcohol, but all I want to do is get drunk but i've read that drinking alcohol while being on estrogen is bad for you? I don't want to risk anything, but I want to forget about it all.

I was 16 when i found out. I am 25 now... but i didn't have anyone when i found out... my parents were not very understanding or compassionate. and i hadn't even started developing as a woman. (which is why i was at the doct) 'im sure you know how difficult it was.. i felt like an alien, and alone. BUT after a long time of finally getting my hormone levels balanced and growing spiritually, physically and mentally. I am thankful for this long and difficult journey... b/c of everything i have realized that my calling is to help orphans and vulnerable children around this world... it lead me to have the opportunity to spend 6 months in east Africa. I know that infertility is devastating but know blood isnt what makes a family. there are SO SO many children around this world who need mommies... God chose us to be the ones they need... that makes me feel pretty special. :) i still struggle with depression about it from time to time but i try to keep focus on all the good and everything i have learned from it. I now have an amazing boyfriend who understands and loves me for who i am. I know how you feel. but let me save you a lot of heart ache and let you know that drinking will not solve anything.. its only a momentary dullness and can cause more pain in the long run. Its hard to accept. especially through college.. ive been there.. but you are a strong woman... stronger than most. and remember dna isnt want makes a family. love does. :) you wiill find love, i thought all hope was lost for me too... but dont give up. they will love you for who u are. :) just dont settle for less than u deserve! we are precious just like every other woman and we deserve the best!

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