I just saw this group for tinnitus. I had a CSF leak (Cereb

I just saw this group for tinnitus. I had a CSF leak (Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak) with spinal surgery 12 weeks ago and that's when the tinnitus started. There isn't a lot of information containing CSF leaks and tinnitus once the leak is healed. I have a referral to an ENT but I was misdiagnosed so much it's disconcerting. Three months doesn't compare to many others here, I know. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with CSF leaks and tinnitus? If so, how was it managed?

not at all sure. anyone? this is a pretty quiet group. make sure the ent has a good idea of your medical history. sometimes tinnitus can be helped, and this may be one of those times.

Thanks :) I'm hopeful it's not a permanent side affect of the CSF leak. Even though we have some of the best medical centers around here, there aren't many docs who specialize in CSF leaks....only a few in the country. Like I said, mine has only been a few months. I can't imagine the difficulty of dealing with this for years

@zen20 let know this turns out. if its from the leak, it may not be permanent. mine is, but mine is from inner ear damage. totally different cause

I sure will. My appointment isn’t for a couple weeks. I’m trying to get seen at Duke as they have CSF specialists. You have to start somewhere and you never know, this doc may know what he’s doing

@zen20 if they have specialists they probably do. and ive always heard duke is a great hospital

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