I just started pulling my eyelashes out about 6 months ago. I just started pulling my eyelashes out about 6 months ago

I just started pulling my eyelashes out about 6 months ago. Every time they start to grow back I subconsciously pick them out again. I feel ashamed, guilty, and frustrated afterward. I also suffer from dermatillomania (skin picking) and dermatophagia (biting the inside of your cheeks). While my eyelashes grow back, I start to pick and bite a lot, way more than usual. Once my eyelashes grow back to about half the width of my pinky nail, I end up picking them again and will have no urges to bite or pick anything for a couple days then it hits me hard. I know I'm not alone but it doesn't stop me from feeling like I am and feeling bad every night because I pick. I just don't know what to do.

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I know very well how you feel about that urge. I have skin picking since I was 4 and it's really hard to resist. You should think what is the origion of those urges to find the best solution. I noticed I do it more when I'm stressed and nervous. what happened to you 6 months ago? Is stress, fear, worries, the need for perfection?
The most important thing is to break the vicious cycle in some way. About the eyelashes you can try putting fake ones and pick them instead your real ones. You can put plastic glue on your skin and try picking it instead too. That way you will calm the urge without damage. Once your wounds heal it will be easier to stop. Count the days you go without picking and every time try to go one extra day. Also it really helps talking to someone you trust. If you can find someone to talk to or even chat online while you feel it come, it will help you resist.
Good luck, be strong and always do things that make you happy!

I started a new school 6 months ago so that is most likely the reason for my picking. Unfortunately I have no one that im near close enough to talk to at school about it but Ive talked to people online and it has helped a little.
Thank you :)