I just started taking celexa today. Took my first pill a whi

I just started taking celexa today. Took my first pill a while ago. Anyone have any person stories about the stuff? Never been on an antidepressant before.

Im on lexapro now which is sort of a tweaked version of celexa the generic names for example for celexa is citalopram and the name for lexapro is EScitalopram if that tells you how similar they are. I was on celexa for about a year before its affects tapered off so doc switched me to this. Now i feel like its happening with this as well but it still works okay. All anti depressants take about six weeks to get in your system to really notice any difference, so give it time to work before you make any decisions whether its helping or not. Side effects the worst one ive had is and not to be too personal but trouble reaching orgasm when having sex. But hey your girlfriend/wife will love it because you can go for hours lol. I probably shouldntve told you that now youll be like wtf f*ck this crap and throw it in the trash and burn it lol. But actually its a really common side effect with all anti depressants of this type because it affects the chemicals released from the brain and some of those affect sex related functions. Other than that maybe a little weight gain but i cant tell if thats from the anti depressant or because ive been sitting around too much last few years getting older etc. Anyways man hope that helps give some insites into it somewhat at least my personal experience. Make sure too if you feel really weird or anything like that get pissed off etc for no reason let doc know right away because sometimes it takes a while to find the right meds. Like i cant take paxcil it had a bad effect and a few other ones. So dont get frustrated eventually youll find the right one its just a trial and error process because everybodys body chemistry is so different. Good luck with it.

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it never worked for me. Luvox works really well

It'll all really be dependent on the person, darn brain chemistry is evidently awfully finicky.