I just stopped taking Trazodone five days ago and still havi

I just stopped taking Trazodone five days ago and still having withdrawl symptoms. Has anybody here had this same experience of feeling anxiety, headaches, nausea, seizures, dizziness and numbness. And is there anything that I can do for it please let me know..

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@sara600 I'm very concerned you're still having these symptoms after 5 days. I'm not 100-percent sure it is related to trazodone at this point because all the trazodone should be out of your system by now. I really think you should see your doctor, the sooner the better. Please don't wait any longer to seek medical treatment. Something is definitely wrong. Please let us know how it goes.

@GirlKitty I really appreciate your concern about me…I read an article on-line about tapering off Trazodone and it said it takes 48 hours to leave my body, but then several weeks for the withdrawal symptoms to disappear which I disagree with, because why would it take that long.

@sara600 I agree, it doesn't make sense it would take that long. I'm really worried about your symptoms. I hope you're feeling better.

@GirlKitty I am going to be calling my doctor tomorrow, but probably won’t be able to see her until Friday. If I can’t get into see my doctor then I am gong to go the emergency at the hospital and see if they can treat my serve withdrawal symptoms because I don’t want to continue on feeling this way.