I just talked to my childhood friend, she has some family ba

I just talked to my childhood friend, she has some family background too and mainly her father passed away when we were 12, I knew she would understand about it. She's a very strong person and she never cried in front of me. I always was the one who stumbles a lot and I always like hugging her when we were in primary school. She's my big sister and a role model. I told her I didn't want to talk to her just because I'm feeling low, I really missed her too. I couldn't hold up a conversation but she understands. She loss her dad due to kidney cancer I guess, I was so long ago I think I forgot. She lives alone while her mom is forced to work in another state so she's mostly alone I guess, I just feel equally bad and glad I talked to her for awhile.

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Hi "Tim" ...

There is a verse from an old song I have always remembered ...

"Old friends, they mean much more to me than the new friends,
Cause they can see where you are, and they know where you've been."

It does not mean new friends are any less important ... but the old friends have been in your life longer ... and remember earlier events because they were with you then.

Sometimes it is just easier to talk to old friends. I am glad you were able to chat with her about things important to you both. At times we all need the support of others when things get us down and we need a shoulder to help us along. At other times it is our turn to help them. That is what friendships are for ... and how you can tell who are our true friends.

Just over a year ago ... a friend of mine (who I have known for 30 years) helped me during some bad times I was facing. Unfortunately the other day I heard he was going through some bad times now. I am trying to help him the best I can because it is my turn to assist him.

True friendships make us stronger in the sharing of happy times ... as well as the sharing of the more difficult times as well.

I think you already understand now ... but if not ... you definitely will understand the importance of true friendships in the years to come.

Stay strong "Tim" ... and take extra good care of yourself because you are worth it ... :)

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