I just want to die. Nothing more. My biggest question is t

*Trigger*I just want to die. Nothing more. My biggest question is that im unsure if i want to do so well rested.

You are not permitted to die. It is against universal law to take your life or the life of someone else. I have read a lot about near death experiences and even had one myself. The message is..as hard as life gets there is only one thing required of you...that you get from the beginning to the end naturally. Why heck I don't know how old you are but youve already clocked up a number of years already. Why throw it all away. You may even have to return and start all over again. Like beginning 3rd grade...but being sent back to do 2nd again. Please share what is causing you so much grief. I would like to help :)

death comes . you should not force it. life is between birth and death.. something bad happens you want to die and something good happens you want to live. irrespective of what happens you must know how to live well... experiences good or bad should not stop you from living your life well . continuewith your journey and dont stop in between.......

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sure why not be well rested. It's not like suicide is something you gotta rush into. Honestly if I ever decide to go, I'm just saying screw good sense, and will spend my time and money (although just a bit at a time with the money) doing whatever silly crap pops into my head to have fun with, cause there's no rush. And if I should happen to reconsider in that time period, fine, go with that.
Perhaps you might try something similar. You don't have to decide to live your whole life or anything. Life is big and scary. Tomorrow is bite-sized and manageable, maybe even good. And its more realistic to think of that way anyhow since life only comes one tomorrrow at a time. Just figure out if there's something to do tomorrow that would make tomorrow worth being around for, or something to look forward later that'll be worth the wait.

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