I just wish he'll give us a second chance I would be the bes

I just wish he'll give us a second chance I would be the best gf in the whole world... I miss what we had and I hate not talking to him I hate feeling like he hates me and wants nothing to do with me it's making me so depressed.. I know I need to work on my issues but I really don't think I will beable to do it without him here to support me and encourage me through it

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You shouldn't have cheated

That’s cold. I take it this is not anonymous as well as not being supportive

I'm just saying.. I've been cheated on... It hurts like nothing I've ever experienced.. I'm not trying to make you feel any type of way... Just keeping things 100.. I don't even kno your situation.. Feel free to talk if u want

@Sist i’ve cheated i’m not a cheater

@tiredofbeingdepression18 I know exactly how you feel! But in my case it was my husband not my boyfriend. We are separated and giving time and space to get over things that happened and then start working on a new relationship/future. And I know how hard it can be and miss everything about that person. I'm sorry for your pain and wish it would go away as I wish for mine to subside one day. Time and space.. I really hope it helps because it's hell for me to not communicate with him as I used to. Good luck to you!

@Misshurt thank you and i hope it will for you to

Give him some time but let him know how you feel
Pretty sure he cares and loves you so he would listen.. And regain your strength inside