I just wrote an apology letter to my parents today for the c

I just wrote an apology letter to my parents today for the consequences of my shopping addiction. After almost three years of completely avoiding looking at my credit card statements, I spent a few days categorizing every transaction I have made, documenting all the bills I have outstanding, and analyzing the trends of spending by month. Yesterday at 3 am, I finally finished and it really hit me for the first time that I had blown away 13k of my life savings which I saved so carefully, as well as the wages from three different jobs (about 39k). I spent my whole childhood being so very frugal and smart with money, and to end up in this situation feels awful. In three years I had spent over $52,000, most of which were items I didn't need. At the worst of it, I was spending 6-8k a month. I've slowed down to $1,400 a month now and I try to be as diligent as possible about making returns. If anyone has any experience in overcoming their addiction, particularly to Amazon Prime, please contact me. I need help.

Thank you

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It’s crazy how fast that can happen. I was being so frugal thinking I am paying off my C.C and the next thing I know I am maxed out again.
Amazon is the worst. Why does it seem like we just can’t live without something?
Well .. I need to fill myself up with other things.
So for one … I come here. If I am here talking to you then I am not on Amazon.

Do you feel like having someone to check in with on a regular helps? Like a person you can follow on YouTube who talks about this.
I can give you 2 names if you want them.

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Hi,I know that feeling maxed out 9000 paid it off back again

I'm really impressed by how you faced your fears in analyzing all of your expenses and looking at your credit statements. You took great courage to spend the whole day analyzing, tracking, and categorizing your expenses and took accountability by writing a letter to you parents. Those steps that you took were big and I'm sure that your parents love you and will help you through this and they're most likely thankful that you've confided in them and recognized that you have a shopping addiction.

Here are my steps: continue to track your daily expenses in either an app, spread sheet or pen to paper in an expense tracker journal and tally up your total each month. Try to think of why you're shopping- sadness, anxiety, stress, and/or depression and look into getting a therapist to work through these feelings. Figure out some hobbies that take up an hour of your day and do them: exercise, artwork, talking to friends, cooking, cleaning, etc- I've found that hobbies build confidence and relieve stress and get my mind even so temporarily off of making purchases. As for Amazon prime, cancel any unnecessary subscribe and saves and if shopping on "Prime Day" try to give yourself an allowance or forgo that day all together.

If you're into self-help books, I highly recommend April Benson's "To Buy or Not to Buy"- she's a top therapist who specializes in shopping addiction and the psychology behind it. Try to use cash when running errands or going to restaurants- it limits your spending to exactly what you have on hand rather than doing a knee **** credit card swipe. Try Debtors anonymous support groups- they do phone and video zoom call support groups. Finally, be patient with yourself and treat yourself with kindness and care as you work through this shopping addiction and realize that recovery isn't always linear- some days or months are good and some are bad, but with time and short/long term financial goals and the support of loved ones you will get through this. I'm proud of you for making great strides in realizing this about yourself and I am rooting for you!

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I'm feeling so awful

@Roe2857 so you paid off 9000 and then you max it out again? What did you spend it on? Was it one big purchase or did you just start spending on little things? I know it’s scary. Do you have control one minute and the next minute it’s like a binge. I’m not spending any money right now. Like I haven’t spent a dime on anything in five days. .

The rack and other stores it adds up fast

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@Roe2857 Nordstrom Rack is so tempting! I don’t allow myself to shop there because i know I’d go nuts with all of the discounted blouses and makeup. I do treasure a pair of Thomas Maier designer sunglasses that I bought there years ago though.