I keep finding out that my husband keeps lying to me about t

I keep finding out that my husband keeps lying to me about the other woman. How am I supposed to cope with all of this?

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@christi1184 It is seriously not ok if he is continuing to lie to you that shows that he is not really committed to breaking off contact and healing your marriage. Does he currently still have contact with her?

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@Mika1803 No. At least I can’t find any evidence. I am paranoid so I think of sneaky ways but he denies it. At least he doesn’t get angry about my paranoid thoughts like he used to. I don’t really think he is still communicating with her. The lie was about when he last saw her. He told me it was when he blew up at me for doing something really bad two months ago. But I found out it was really only a month ago…when I thought things were getting better. He says he doesn’t remember exactly because it wasn’t important. I guess it makes sense since dates blur in my memory too when they truly aren’t important. It’s just hard to trust him.

If he keeps lying how are you every going to believe him?

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@LHanna I probably won’t for years maybe decades. He hasn’t lied in a couple of weeks. It’ll just take longer to rebuild that trust.