I know a lot of people have it worse than I do, and I hate c

I know a lot of people have it worse than I do, and I hate complaining about my problems but I've never felt worse. Lately I've been realizing how I don't have a mother. She's never around, and when she is all I do is listen to her complain about the most ridiculous, self centered things. My mothers in her late 30's and all she does is party. The rest of my family has basically signed me off as a screw-up, and all of my friends have made it clear I'm not good enough. I feel so alone and depressed; I'm not sure what to do.

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hey, its ok to talk about your problems! have you ever tried telling your mom how you feel? if not, try to schedule a time where you can both talk one on one in person. as for you friends and family, thats just not fair now is it? they should comfort you and support you through hard times. ask yourself this: do your friends really care about you? if not, then they arent a true friend. have you ever tried talking to your doctor about this? he/she can hook you up with a couselour/psychologist/psychiatrist if you want so that way you can find a way to cope with this situation. if not, then you can anonymously text start to the number 741-741. best of luck to you :)

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just because your issues aren't necessarily larger than other peoplep's issues doesn't mean they aren't real. doesn't mean you don't struggle too. you're not a screw-up, i'm sure of it. and if you feel that way, it might be because of the things people have convinced you of- that you're not good enough. but doesn't that make them some pretty terrible people for doing that to you? they're the jerks, and not worth being around. allow yourself a fresh start.

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I am with kawaiipotatoe -- it's okay to talk about your problems. And as for being a screw up --- holy cow, do you know the number of incredibly successful adults who were messed up teens? Not saying all messed up teens go on to be great but just sayin - it's not because you ARE a screw up, you're just a normal teenager, frankly. Making mistakes and bad choices is pretty much what teenagers do when they're not jumping off stuff, breaking things or eating lots of chips. Your mom is a mom -- and needs to be that because she's an adult and not a teen. Sadly not every mom takes on the responsibility as selflessly as they should. That's a tough one because, as a kid, there isn't much you can do to get her to BE the mom you need her to be for you. All you can do is communicate as clearly as you can with her. Tell her how you feel, tell her what you need. Strangely enough I sorta went through this with my daughter recently though in reverse. She's been mean to me for about a year now --- it has to do with her deadbeat bf more than anything I think. At any rate, I finally told her I've been really depressed lately and I need her to be nicer to me and it worked in that she's being marginally nicer to me. My mom died when I was 18 and I've spent my whole life missing her so how you could treat your mom like she treats me is such a mystery to me. You know, parents should try to be perfect but they're just people too. If you're a teen and your mom is in her 30's -- then she had you when she was a teen. She might feel like she missed out on all the fun so she's having it now. I was 31 when my daughter was born so I wasn't looking to party - I was ready to be a mom. But not everyone can plan it all out - sometimes life just happens.

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Thank you all, really. I've talked to my dad about how I'm feeling and he's going to bring me to a therapist so I can talk about how I'm feeling.