I know herpers is herpers. But what's the different of hsv 1

I know herpers is herpers. But what's the different of hsv 1/2 simplex herpers & general herpers?

??? theres hsv1 and hsv2 .......not sure what you mean by general...theres diffrent strands of herpes that include the ckn pox virus and shingles if thats what ur asking?

I'm not sure what I am asking. My paperwork say I have hsv 1 and hsv2 simplex herpers. Meaning did I get it from sex or from my boils. Taking different meds. I'm so confused and my Dr didn't explains anything to me. Just wrote me a prescriptionpres and told me to take my meds three times a day.

@meka219 what meds are u on

What prescription did you get ? did he tell you for how long you need to take them ?

Acyclovir 800 mg tab

He told me to take them until they gone. He only gave me 15 of them.

Maybe is just to help reduce the duration of the outbreak ... Where is your outbreak, if you don't mind sharing ..

I don't have an outbreak. Never had an outbreak. I'm so confused. But I always keep boils. And every time he run them nothing never came back.

so he did blood work and told you that you have herpes ? or HSV 1/2 which is basically the same .. I would go back to the Dr for clarification ... I don't wanna especulate on your situation and stress you out.

It's fine. I am already stress and confused. And yes he did a blood test.

that is confusing .. HSV 1/2 is usually oral/genital and/or both ... But there are many forms of herpes virus, like chicken pox/shingles too .. So I would definitely go back and ask for a better explanation than : "take these until they are gone" ...

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Thanks. Will do