I know how to control my outbreaks and my ex never got it a

I know how to control my outbreaks and my ex never got it afte two years. Now I'm single. I'm I'm that bad of a person if I want to have sex without going thru the I have herpes talk if I use a Comdom and I know I feel fine. I know my body so well

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How do you control your outbreaks ???

Are you aware that even if you don't have an outbreak you can transmit the virus. Condoms reduce risk not prevent. Unfortunately there is always a risk because of viral shedding. As you know there are many people who have never had any symptoms and have passed it on to somebody else. Can i say, you know what it is like to have herpes , do you really want to risk giving that to somebody else Who potentially may suffer quite severely from it. . you might be surprised that they might be ok with it. it is your choice whether you tell them or not but personally I would never not tell somebody because They have the right to make a decision. remember this is a disease that is for life

did the person who gave you herpes tell you they were infected or did not know

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You not a bad person I see where you coming from. Well at least you having protected sex but if the dude wants it raw then you should mention your skin condition

Agreed from above. Some people really don't care after you to them. It just all depends. We put so much pressure on our selves to tell that person , then when we finally get the courage to tell they take it like you just told them you have an cold.. And they basically say ohh okay. So it all depends. My advice to all is you do not need to tell everyone that you go on a date with that you have herpes it's not everyone's business unless you know you guys are getting serious...

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