I know I constantly talk about this but tonight I was talkin

I know I constantly talk about this but tonight I was talking to a guy I have a crush on at work. The fact that he'll never like me the way I want him too bothers me. It hurts but I try to look at the negatives as a positive—that I deserve better. But I don't know why they aren't strongly drilling into my head to make me stay away from him.

I can't really avoid him. But I just don't feel like I can get over him.

I just have a lot of conflict Ed feelings about him and my ex right now.

And so...

@Bloodstone2020 and so what?

maybe try to distance yourself or just try to avoid him if you can

@luna1994 I try but I find my mind forgets that I’m trying to avoid him, and like a silly girl in a movie who said she’s not going to crush on him when she sees them, end up crushing on him when I see him and forget that I’m trying to put up boundaries. my friend said it was because I like the attention that he gives me. And I’m not going to lie I do. But I already knew that’s why I started having a crush on him. Because he gave me attention. So I don’t really know why it hurts that he’s not wanting to do anything with me. Part of me wonders if I should just start talking to other people online to fill the void.

Luna, Absolutely believe nothing beats flesh and blood relationships...no brainer here. However, since you mentioned it, Beautifully C, no reason you can't get a lot accomplished online and fill the immediate void you spoke of. And I wouldn't go as far saying online relationships aren't real relationships. How many face to face "relationships" are "real" relationships. I wound think some online relationships are better. There's a lot to be said for the power of words. Trying getting through a day without exchanging words. Works for some I guess. Peace

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It’s so easy to doubt yourself. But if you have to change for someone to like you it may cause you more distress in the long run. Someone out there will find you uniquely perfect!

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Can you change workgroups so you can be away from this person?

@bebobaBetty unfortunately, I cannot. We ended up getting new staff to fill the spaces that needed to be filled and now it’s packed.