I know I'm messed up in the brain. Been having more seizures

I know I'm messed up in the brain. Been having more seizures but they are small ones. The stuff that kinda has me worried is my acting out, my behavior. It didn't hit me until last nite. I'm just making myself available to almost anyone, doesn't matter where I am. In a way, it dont bother me but then I think I wasn't like this before. Since I ran away from the rehab place, I haven't had any treatments or anything, no one to talk to, nothing. idk if that is part of it or not. I can't go back to that rehab place...if I did, I would find a way to kill myself.

sorry to hear you are having seizures, i recall you had talked about the past brain injury. since you ran away, have you looked for any resources to help you?

Since I ran away, no. If I do, I'll be locked up again. My social worker emailed me, said I need to come in for treatment. Then she got me scared. she said I might have a stroke and wind up like a vegetable or something. idk if that true but got me wondering.

@stupid.girl it might be true but i would think if that was true, someone would have told you about it in the past. having a seizures is not a good thing, it does really scramble the brain and it ability to think clearly.

I think you should go see the professional and think about getting medication for that.
I've heard of someone who is living a normal, healthy life in spite of seizures, thanks to the medication the doctor prescribed. What does your parents/guardian think?

My mom wishes I was dead. She threw me out of the house and well...2 years later...here I am. Cuz I'm a ward of the court...they put me where ever they want. My last place was beyond the worst so thats why I ran away. If I go for meds, I'll get reported and back to hell...so I'm sorta stuck.

@stupid.girl So great to hear from u! Sorry things are t great. My son had seizures years ago and had to take medication and as long as he took it he was ok! Idk how old u are… You’ve had a rough time and I’m so sorry for that. I wish you could go back so you could get the health care u desperately need… Of course since u ran away they need to be extra careful with u as they are trying to take good care of you-which u totally deserve. Is there any way u can go back…suck it up and tough it out long enough to get medical care, get your high school education, and then be free (and prepared) to live a great life? I’m grateful u are alive, as being on the street is so very risky and unsafe. Healthcare and education … It’s up to you… I know it’s not what u want to hear—but I’m a mom-what else would I say? Lol
What if you start an email dialogue (or phone call) with your case worker? Maybe u can work something out?
Hugs and prayers; pls keep us posted