I know it is more than just will power to lose weight. T

I know it is more than just will power to lose weight.

This book I am listening to called “The Anderson Method “ is going to help me .. I am listening again and again so eventually I am going to get it.

If you like that book you'll like the mini-courses in DietPeeps.

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@NellyF thank you. I will look. This guy I’m listening to likes to get on the scale so he suggest that but I already know approximately what I weigh by measuring my waist. So I chose to do that instead.
I know my first goal is to lose the 2 inches I gained there. Then I will be back where I was 3 months ago.
Around there I will weigh.

The funny thing is I never liked diets.
I never was good at them etc. but… I decided I’m gonna go all in so I can get this weight off.
I know how to maintain my weight. And I also know the way I was,
it’s not coming off unless I get serious and focus and get myself in a calorie deficit. And I think I’m there now.

We all gain weight for different reasons. I had mine. But at the end of the day, I’ve stabilized to where I’m back to the way I was before I ever gained weight.
It is easy for me to maintain my weight.
I slipped with the binging because of move. I relapsed… but after 5 months of making myself miserable I am done.

Today … I need a lot of hydration… so I am making lemon honey water. 2 lemons , one tbsp raw honey , 1 gallon is the goal… ttyl… how is everyone doing? We can start tracking here and giving each other support to get to our goals.
We have a solid 9 months and a lot of progress can be made.
It feels so good to get lighter!