I know Thanksgiving is about being thankful and I am thankfu

I know Thanksgiving is about being thankful and I am thankful for a ton of things. The one thing I don't like is that some mAny people come and bring so much food. My nana knows I haven't really been eating very much. So I started to lie a little bit about when I've eaten and what I've eaten. Tonight since the while family was here and I was in eyesight of her, of course I had to eat so she would think anything about the problem. I've been in the bathroom for about twenty minutes now trying to get myself to throw up. Ive lost to much weight now to turn back and let this ruin me.I'm starting to reach my goal and I don't want to throw away what I've acheived. Now I'm so upset because nothing is working.

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I'm sorry Natalie, I still hope you find the happiness you seek. I'm also sorry you don't feel good about how you look. Is that the friend you told me about? I pray the best for you and hope you will get the support you need. Thinking about what you said about school, I'm not all that happy about being old, but I'm glad I'm not attending school now, too much pressure, too much fear, too much stress. Maybe you can ask your parents if you can home school ?

@Johnnyangel4u There wouldn’t be amyone ever home to home schooled me. I’m just gonna be stuck with this for a little while. To be honest the girl in the picture use to be a friend of mine about two years ago. When she found out all my problem she slowly stopped talking to me

Wow! What's with people? Even young people? I thought they were more open minded than that. I'm sure they aren't all like that, just so sad that when you need them the most your friends start to disappear one by one. You hang in there Natalie, we're here for you, we understand.

@Johnnyangel4u thank you so much! You’ve been a big help lately

You're welcome, you're been a good friend, so the feelings mutual. I hope things work out at school, I don't envy you young ones. Just be careful and watchful sorry you have to be in a place that makes you so anxious. Take care