I live in france, four hours away from Paris. What happened

I live in france, four hours away from Paris. What happened has horrified me. All those people that died because the world has gone mad. I don't have a god but I am praying to anyone! Thoughts go out to all the families and friends of those who have sadly died last night.

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Its absolute nuts . They hate us and terrorism is part of life now.
It's ridiculous

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@durrj91 it shouldn’t be, we should all respect each other. We live on the same planet. There is only one…

@crochetedlady when Charlie hebdo happened there were police out everywhere so I imagine that it will be the same or with even more security… I am scared because it means we aren’t safe anywhere. Just hope this madness stops before we get a world war III

Whenever a nation agrees to support a joint effort on a Muslim nation.

There will always be retaliation.

We had it hare in Australia . England. Russia. USA and now france.
Not to forget the ongoing war in Israel.

The checin rebels in Russia .

The attacks in Pakistan.

The attacks in Bali .

Its hare to stay . Such is life!

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The #prayforparis is going out but I say #prayfortheworld this happened way to much and half the time it isn't even documented on the news

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My thoughts are with all. This world is such a scary place to live it

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I can't believe how you feel. My friend is there now and I have still not been able to get a hold of him. I just hope everyone is alright

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Hope for your safety as well as the other people living there. Such a horrible event

A tragedy like this reminds me of the days and weeks after 911 in NYC. It was like living in a war zone where you didn't know where or if there might be another attack. I was in university at the time and my school was a block from the NYC Supreme Court building and for three months after 911 we had soldiers outside my school and constant bomb threats. My heart is torn and hurting for the people of Paris. Stay strong and stay vigilant. Better days will come.

Sending prayers out to France and the world!

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I know, 10 months after Charlie Hebdo. I didn't go bed til gone 3am was so shocked :( I live in Brittany and its just a nightmare now

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I feel bad for you. I hope things are looking brighter.

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I'm glad you're okay- I was worried about you last night but couldn't log on. I didn't know where in France you lived. It is so sad. My heart is breaking. 40 in Beirut were murdered too, and people are being gunned down by the hundreds in Burundi. I pray for peace and tolerance in this world