I long for a father. A male figure who can be a part of me a

I long for a father. A male figure who can be a part of me and my son's life. It gets lonely.


It should be me, daddy & baby going to bed. Not just me and baby. It's true, the less physical support you get, the harder it is raising a child.

I know my son's real dad would have been extremely detrimental to my son's upbringing. I strongly feel that's why God cut my son's dad's life so short. We didn't have a relationship during the last months before he died or even for that year.

So, now I'm feeling so alone. Need a real hug. A daddy to lift my son up and make him laugh and play with him. His real dad use to do that; rarely , but he used to do it with our son. Didn't think this was going to make me cry.

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It sounds like a bag of mixed emotions, on one hand a potential damaging relationship has been removed from you and your son's life, but it has left a vacuum which needs to be filled. You have fought so hard for happiness, your son is lucky to have you,

@Aura82 Come to think of it, a vacuum was there even before my son was born and before I met his dad. That vacuum is loneliness. That monster many of us try to fight off. Which strongly exemplifies that we are responsible for our own happiness and not others.

Hmmm…something that resonates with me and we all should try to find a solution to. May not be easy but it’s achievable.

I just joined this site out of pure raw loneliness. I have recently ended a relationship and have a beautiful 3 year old daughter. I am so grateful for your honesty. I have so many emotions flowing through me and nowhere safe to put them. I'm scared...

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@ReneeW Hi Renee. Welcome. Yes, the reason you joined and the reason many others join.

I hope you find solace here like many of us do. I’ve supported you and would love if you do the same in case we both need to vent privately , get advice or share our stories.