I lost my gay lover of 25yrs in May. We had planned to Marry

I lost my gay lover of 25yrs in May. We had planned to Marry on Christmas Eve of this Year. With Christmas only a short time away i am having trouble coping with this. Have no Family left. Just a few friends. I sit at night by myself and cry. I am about at the end of my rope... Trying so hard to survive!!!!!!

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I'm so sorry for your loss. This has got to be so difficult for you. Are you working right now? What kinds of things have you done with friends lately?

not working, just on social security. Friends have tried supporting me but they have their own lives. spent thanksgiving alone, it was horrible!!!! Try going for walks but doesnt help. I Loved this man sooo much. The pain is unbearable,, they have pills for every pain, but none for this pain....

iam soooo sorry for your pain, im ptsd too from dv,but this is about you. how about counseling,medication,just starting out w/ samall things ,try hard to start a hobby,but than again i know the feeling my abuser feels very alive but the him i fell for 13 yrs ago is a dirty lieing cheating dog. go out to a meeting or go get drink in a taxi at a bar dont drink and drive.

was told years ago by my family minister that because i was gay i could not go to heaven. Lost all faith in God My lover was Catholic Spoke several times to his priest. has helped somewhat I think thats what keeps me going....

Try volunteering somewhere it may keep ur mind off things

Thank You, im volunyeering at my senior center after the holidays.. i just hope i get thru this period. Its rough right now.. thinking about christmas and waht it would have been like..

I totally understand.

give time a chance and it'll heal, i promise. best of luck buddy..

My deepest condolences for your loss.