I’m 22 .. recently diagnosed wit herpes .. im so alone :(

I’m 22 .. recently diagnosed wit herpes .. im so alone :( would like to make friends here hopefully cn exchange #s .. just need somebody that I Can Talk to that can relate. I’m 22 year old female

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Hey I’m going to follow you follow me back so i can message you

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I was diagnosed with herpes about 6 months ago I don’t know how I got it. I was with my girlfriend for three years. Apparently she has herpes on the mouth it broke out one day when she was giving me oral sex. I had no idea how mouth herpes looked like so no idea what to look for. Anyway after the oral sex about 4 days later there was a strong burning sensation on my penis I rushed to the hospital they said they couldn’t help me and it was a Friday the next day I went to my Gp she said it was eczema rash. It was so painful I have never felt pain like this in my life, I did everything I could to relive this agonising burning on my penis there were sores everywhere on the base of my penis. Then after the weekend I went to the sexual health clinc, in my mind I couldn’t believe what was happening.
They checked me out at sexual health clinc they took samples they said come back after three days and gave me herpes medication and they will text me the results in a week.
I was still in pain this went on for almost two weeks it was the worst time of my life nothing comes close to it I just had it bad,
I read online about herpes but they made it seem like a miner problem.
I then went back because the pain was to much the doctor had a look she felt real sad for me she could see I was in a lot of pain my penis looked like someone got a knife and slashed at it everywhere it was messed up open sores every where I couldn’t sit down couldn’t stand up, couldn’t walk.
It was hell. Anyway the doctor gave me antibiotics and strong herpes medication and that helped in about a week it all cleared up and I have had no signs of it and it’s been 6 months.
But I know for sure I got it from my girls friend she has oral herpes and it got transferred to my penis because when I got the test back it herpes type 1 I believe which is th oral herpes and the only girl that has given me oral sex is my girlfriend in the last 4 years. But lucky no more hero’s symptoms thank god

for your information: type 1 AND type 2 can be either genital OR Oral.
generally type1 favors above the waist and type2 prefers below the waist. they can be in both places simultaneously as well but rare.

I was diagnosed with herpes at 15. I know it feels like you’re all alone but remember that this is actually a very common thing and there are many people out there who understand how you feel. Herpes in NO WAY makes you less of a person or less loveable. Don’t forget that ❤️ Im 18 now and even after 3 years I feel alone sometimes but it gets easier trust me. I’m here to talk if you need it

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@TST28 i am also 22 yr old lookin for friends and someone to talk to n help me threw this so if w both follow each other can help one another.

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You will get through this. Life goes on. Not always easy but we are stronger.

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20 y/o female with genital HSV1 here! I'll follow you so we can message.

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@JOB0902 hey I followed back :heart:


Hey I’m a 20 year old female I’ll follow you! I was diagnosed a few weeks ago.

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im a 16 year old girl and just got herpes - i know theres a bit of an age difference but i really need a friend on here who understands too, please message me if youd like

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Hey, you can get over this. If you want someone to talk to support me back. I have supported you and also some talking would help me too.

Its a hard pill to swallow at first.but you will get through this.the social stigma is the worst part.society makes it out to be much worse than it really is.hang in there.

I’m 22 too, I contracted herpes 10 months ago when I was 21. I’d love to make friends and hear everyones stories so feel free to message me if you wanna talk more

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@Tbebe hey, I would love to talk … I need a friend right now :frowning: please message me

Im 24 and got diagnosed today and ontop of mental health issues.. its hard. im here anytime you need someone <3

I’m 41 and found out before a week before my birthday that I have it. It’s hard to deal. So i’m Here if you need a friend.

@butwhyme I’ll follow you and you can follow me back so we can message! I’m 20 y/o female!

I’m 20 female, diagnosed a month ago