I’m a lesbian and I’m not sure my family will accept me

I’m a lesbian and I’m not sure my family will accept me.

Hi and welcome! Yes you never know how accepting others will be.It can be hard if they are not accepting. Sometimes the ones you think will be accepting turns out not to be. Then the ones you don't think will be accepting are. I know some have brought up different topics about other lesbians that are out to see their response whether they react positive or negative about it. Sometimes they say not so nice things so you have to be prepared for that so you don't lose your composure. Does any of your friends know? Just remember your not alone . We all are here to support you .

I was afraid of coming out for 20 years. (I’m 31 and realized that I was gay at 11) I hid it partially because I didn’t want to accept myself, because if I did that then I had to come out. I feared that my family would hate me and abandon me… The greatest gift I’ve ever given myself is the freedom to be me. It was the look of terror on my parents faces that made me feel the worst, but it was terror not because I was gay but because I never felt comfortable enough to open up to them… that I lived in fear that whole time and they couldn’t help me through it.

You never know how someone is going to react, they may not accept you, they likely will love you no matter what. But the biggest gift you can give yourself is letting you be you :slight_smile: