I’m back! Ha ha ha. 2 years after joining this elite cl

I’m back! Ha ha ha.
2 years after joining this elite club of wonderful people my bf who gave it to me without my knowledge has left me. I have told a total of 5 people in real life. 2 knew from the beginning. The other 3 I told just a few weeks ago and they’ve been awesome. We briefly spoke of it hen bone have brought it up again. I’m still afraid to speak of it publicly but I have found a ton of people on TikTok that are very open about it!

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Welcome Back! Thanks for the update!
as you know there is NO need to bring it up publicly unless you are an advocate and want to promote "Awareness".

Keep moving forward as you are and Welcome Back!

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@a_survivor at some point I think I might want to try and be an advocate for it to raise awareness and stomp lies about it but first I need to be able to tell people, even in text, without crying.

How wonderful to have you back! I'm so sorry to hear that your boyfriend gave it to you. Concerning him, good riddance! The last thing that you need, is a boyfriend running around on you! He left you with thisl gift that keeps on giving. You deserve better than him!

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@Justwanttobeloved he gave it to me 2 years ago at 4 months into the relationship. It definitely took its toll. I thought I was ok but now that it’s just me again it’s looking like it’ll be harder than I thought but I seem to have a great support group.

Yes, it was a VERY abusive relationship. He used to tell me how he'd kill me. I'm lucky to be alive. And yes, I'm VERY happy that I got away from him. The most dangerous time in an abusive relationship, is when you're leaving, because that is when they realize that they lost control over you.

I'm also happy that you got out of your relationship. He sounds VERY manipulative. You deserve MUCH better.

I understand why it's hard for you right now. Be patient with yourself. Give yourself some time. You WILL get there. Keep your chin up. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need/want to talk.

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@Justwanttobeloved Welcome to the group. Sounds like you have been through a harrowing ordeal. I am glad you made it out. Unfortunately there are a lot of posts from people who have ex bfs etc who are like that and left the poster with a gift that keeps giving. That kind of person is exactly what you do not need or want in your life. Hopefully you can find peace, healing and happiness now that you have that out of your life. Good luck.