I’m concerned for my safety. My neighbors have been lurkin

I’m concerned for my safety. My neighbors have been lurking in the bushes their black theirs two of them. They have made a tunnel into the pricey hedges.they sit their for long periods of time. I’ve had some proble
S with a x friend and a fireman. They hacked into my computer. They listen to the music that I listen to at the exact same time. Even as I type this message this sound of a motorcycle all night long gives its aerie sound when I pick up my device. Likes it’s getting closer and closer. My are here they hear it as well and it’s not the first time. No one helps me.

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i would try to contact the local authorties or home owners assiocation could probably help

Geez... I’ve been going for months for like exact same thing where I feel like my neighbors hacked me and have been watching me... have you changed your phone or computer? Do you have cameras up? I change my phone and phone number so many times still feel uneasy. I’ve switched to using different device haven’t used my computer. That type of situation is so damaging and emotionally difficult to deal with. The stuff lately that’s been happening has brought me down to a low again that I feel stuck because I’m having problems keeping my mood up. I feel like no energy to move or do much of anything. Lot of people just dismiss it as the virus and I’m losing it... I’ve considered that also. There legitimate things that have happened though that I’ve tried my best to keep documenting. Keep diary or somehow paper trail of what’s happening with dates and time... since they are hacking you think... what do you think is reason they are hacking and watching you? I’ve come to conclusion my neighbors are either trying to avoid lawsuit, trying to harass me away because they don’t like me, or they just trying steal from me or all of the above idk. Definitely call police if you notice any damage to your property and take pictures... do you have safety plan in case something really serious happens? Plan to stay at family or friends house in case things get really bad. Even my therapist though suggests I might have been triggered by my neighbors and all things happening may not actually be what I think it is... I’m sorry your going through all that. Stay safe and hope all that resolves. I thought I was like only one going through issues with my neighbors. It’s very stressful to go through, I totally understand.

i try to write it down and document it. My friend came to me the other day and told me that he had been following me around identifying this group. He was a FBI agent. He shared with me a disturbing video. He seen I was outside in the yard picking up sticks. He flew a drone high in the air and he noticed several vehicles driving by and would turn around and do it again. He shared with me this video and he took it a step further. He invited his friend over and they both flew their drones around and found these people

Well I actually have video that my friend shared with me. He has been such a sweet Hart for so many years he actively took control of the situation and told me that ... yes I am following you around buddy. I believe you I’ve seen them do it and he has also got some of his friends interested in it. I was blown away. He even shared that some video with me. That was really scary. After they would leave my house they would go find another guy down the road and pick on him. At once he was all only and considered commuting suicide now we are friends and and we video tape together these cars. Lol we found this cop that’s between us has a son and we found they were actively involved in this as well. My friend is so interested in it now I wondered why inhadent seen very much of him. For months. Now I know why. He is building several cases. Several fireman and and cops and what I assume to be their family are participating in on it. It is sad to know these things. I’m scared of knowing so much. But his group is growing so quick. My friends just left and I hear that they are being followed right now. But they have several vehicles and their following one of the people that has been on the bad side of this since they began. I’m very proud these old guys are taking the lead and turning the tables. Their really digging in deep

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@firefightershateme do you know yet what your neighbors are doing all that for? How come they are picking on couple people in your neighborhood? I haven’t been able to stay at my house. It’s been very emotional to think that people on my neighborhood may not want me there. I can relate to your neighbor wanting to hurt himself… it’s what happens if your being bullied/abused no matter what the situation. There’s been so much going on lately in my life related to virus also. I can’t get help like normal I feel like because of things closed down, people literally afraid to come into my house to help put up cameras or fix it to sell… I’m afraid to sell during this time. Idk what’s gonna happen when everyone’s freaking out w virus and don’t really want to help…afraid to enter my house