I’m definitely pre-menopausal now. I think I have been for

I’m definitely pre-menopausal now. I think I have been for a few years but it wasn’t affecting me much. Taking some adapted Jen’s like Ashewagandha was helping a lot. Now, I feel like my brain is melting. I Keep doing stupid things. I’m clumsy. What’s wrong with me?

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Adaptagens! And I’m 48 for reference.
As far as the hot flashes, I’ve only had a few. Night sweats, I’ve only had a few and that was a few years ago.
Mainly, I just feel like my brain isn’t working right. Doing stupid things like putting the milk in the cabinet for example. And really clumsy. :-(

@LollyNews Hi, just letting you know you are not alone in enduring menopause…I went thru it for 12 yrs straight and may still have a few lingering symptoms like having my entire core feel like it’s on fire but even that has started to retreat. At the beginning I had an older woman share her combating hot flashes by actualIy mentally "willing it to go away. Sounds crazy but it WORKED. I could not take any HRT due to family health history which really left me in a vast space of frustration…
My already existing depression got so much worse. I struggled so badly thru insomnia, self-esteem, ability to plan ANYTHING!
To top it off…my sisters did not cope with nearly any of my extreme symptoms so I had no one to relate to. I know my SO did NOT understand my inabiliy to dial into daily family life…I seriously just wanted to crawl into bed forever.
I found that I had to limit alcohol, caffeine, too much red meat, and especially sugar. All these things made menopause impossible to get past.
The best thing I found (bc I was an introvert & very alone) were soothing, talk-thru demo or sound videos with plenty of confidence boosters! I went on several support sites including SG which has made a big difference. I still have most all of the problems but I now realize I am NOT ALONE.
Don’t give up…keep searching for those things that relieve you.