I’m feeling a lot better about having HSV than I was befor

I’m feeling a lot better about having HSV than I was before but I am having anxiety about telling the person that gave it to me that he has it. I’m not sure where to start or if I want to at all but I don’t want him to go around unknowingly spreading it.

IMHO: i would just casually mention that you were tested and came up positive, therefore you are alerting those who you care about.

no blaming, just notifying because you are the class act that you are!

Thank you for your reply. I do care for him deeply we were only casual but I was and still am hoping to be more one day so I’m a little anxious this might turn him off to me.

as i’ve always said, HSV will be an “Acid Test” of his true worth!

if he loves you deep enough, has merit and worth, he will stay because he knows how valuable you are and he will see past a mere “imperfection”.

FYI: all my dates Never rejected me after i enlightened them. guess they saw something in me worthy of staying? my now wife of 24 yrs did exactly the same thing…

now at our old age, together we try to combat other issues far worse than HSV! as a team, it’s what we do as we continue to shuffle down that “Yellow Brick Road”…