I’m feeling so lost , lonely and upset . I can’t believe

I’m feeling so lost , lonely and upset . I can’t believe I fell in love with a liar, manipulative deceiver. I was so intoxicated by the love bombing . I had noticed the cycles and made excuses. I have been no contact for 30 days , and have been hoovered over and over. I miss him so badly . I know I can’t go back . I have done this before (although not this long) . It does get worse each time returning, the punishment of the cycles is unbearable and they come around faster. I’m so lonely with no one to understand the devastation he has put upon me .

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Have you blocked and deleted his number? Blocked him on all social media? I just left four days ago so I’m right there with you.

How do you keep from back ?

He has always called no caller Id , I do not pick up . It triggers me though

Oh he’s pretty relentless. My ex doesn’t bother me, but then again, it has only been four days. For now, I’m doing heavy and aggressive self- care. Message me and I’ll give you my plan!

This is my first day on here , not sure how to maneuver in this site and messaging

I'm so sorry for the pain and loneliness you're feeling. You know better than to succumb to his lies. It really does only get worse each time :( Please stay strong!!!!! Hugs

Thank you ! I really appreciate that !

Hi @Georgie17 I'm so sorry you're having to go through this, love shouldn't hurt like this and make you feel alone. just want to encourage you to remember that you are worthy of love that protects and can be trusted. I pray the future brings healing, strength and true wonderful love for you. Much hugs and blessings.

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Thank you , I appreciate the encouragement and kind words. I’m thankful for this space and support

Word for word that was me a month into the breakup. Seriously, word for word. I'm six months down the road with a long way to go but I am past the place u r in. It gets better with each passing day if you stay focused on you and your well being stay strong and go no contact and I also went to God. He has been my saving grace bc this is pure evil.

Thank you ! It just sucks , because you miss them (messed up as that is ) and I can’t go to anyone around me , they don’t understand the seriousness of the psychological damage. I can’t seem to go one moment without the thought of him ! I’m so glad you replied the word for word statement, I feel so heard . Thank you

You're welcome! It does suck and I still find myself missing him but not as much as I did and not as much as I discovered I missed me more bc I am so much cooler than him lol. Absolutely no one understands this is not an ordinary break up from an ordinary relationship unless they have had this inhumane experience. He still occupies my thoughts but not every thought anymore and I look forward to the day I think of him no longer, I know it's coming. I have been in love with him since birth. We even share the same bday. Our mothers have been best friends since they were kids. He changed everything I ever knew. I have prayed and talked to God alot and he has got me thru hell literally. There is also a Narcissist Abuse Survivor on the net, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram offering free therapy. It's deep and it's hard but she came out of it even better than she went in it and I intend to get where she is. Her name is Melanie Tonia Evans. Check her out. You got this.

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So happy for you !!!

Another thing..im so glad you are ok and shared what happened because I'm going to focus today on being healthy enough to be able to get around and get out to do whatever I want. Take care and keep getting better ok.

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You should definitely focus on you , and showing yourself the love time and attention you put into others ! You deserve goodness in your life ! Hugs .

Stay strong . Nothing good is waiting for you if you return, you have to really know and believe that within yourself. Hugs xx

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Thank you ! This is soooo true . It took me a bit , but I’m learning.

Georgie 17, we understand and we all noticed the cycles and gave our narcs the benefit of the doubt.

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