I’m having major regret after having a one night stand. I

I’m having major regret after having a one night stand. I blocked the guy because now he won’t leave me alone or get the hint. How to I get over this and stop beating myself up? I just feel so guilty and wish I never did that.

It's okay, but the fact this person won't leave you alone is an act of violation against your privacy and safety, and a form of harassment. If he doesn't know your address, then you're safe.

Unfortunately he knows where I live because he is a neighbors friend…I blocked his number and thought things would get better but he just called me from another number! Now I’m panicking again. I dont think he would show up at my house but now it’s starting to creep me out.

@Zebra2018 Could you tell your neighbor about it? Maybe you should block him and think about changing your number? Calling you from a different number is very creepy and stalkerish. If he shows up at your house, I’d ignore it and call the police.

Yeah I could but now I have other problems with a couple other neighbors where they are saying that I planned this and sent him mix signals and that now I’m saying I want nothing to do with him. So I feel like I’m being blamed for everything that happened. Guess I won’t be showing my face a neighborhood get togethers anymore. It makes me so upset that they would turn on me when I knew I made a mistake afterwards. And they are saying I make it sound like he forced himself on me! I never said that I know I made a mistake I own up to that I even told him I’m sorry if I lead him on but I don’t want a relationship. All I wanted was for him to just leave me alone now I feel like everybody is against me.

@Zebra2018 If your neighbors ask, just explain to them about his stalking. I don’t get why they would be blaming you. If they don’t understand, then, you may have to find someone else who will. Sorry you’re going through this, it sounds like your neighbors aren’t much help either.