I’m in a situation where I need advice I haven’t been on

I’m in a situation where I need advice I haven’t been on here in awhile but I’m still a work in progress I have 2 problems the first is my daughter is graduating Thursday and yes I want to be there but my ex-wife family may show up I feel that I should be entitled to have that time to myself with my family and they can go out to dinner with my daughter after the event because I’m notInvited too Their family event’s so is it not fair that I ask for the same?

I get it, family events can be awkward! But there are going to be things in your daughter's life where you all need to put her first and not how you feel about each other, that includes, graduations, weddings and all big events in her life where other people are around as buffers. Sit on the other side of the arena/hall and plan your respective events. Believe me, if you guys can be civil it will be the biggest gift you can give her!

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Hello there I need some advice because my situation is very difficult I’m struggling with my uncertainly with my kids mother it’s a long story but I’m lost

I am so sorry, all I can say is I get it! I have gone to many events with family I no longer talk to and it is hella awkward, but it does get better with time. They loose steam in trying to make things worse for you when they realize you don't give a flying fig anymore about them!

I hope you get this rikk. It's Hope5 but I had to redo mine. If you see this, I did support you.

Hi there how are you doing

@rikk I’m doing alot better. Getting ready to move soon and start working again. How are you?

Hey there it tough Rt now