I’m just coming to the realization I have cptsd, I been re

I’m just coming to the realization I have cptsd, I been rejected, bullied and mistreated just about my whole life, even was treated like a outcast, today I had a disagreement with a friend and she cut me out of her life for good and it’s because of something she’s done, once she gave me the word I wasn’t no longer going to be apart of her life it triggered things of my past reminding me when my mother rejected me, manipulated me, didn’t accept me, it triggers past thoughts when I was bullied and picked on by teachers/students. How do I control triggers when it comes to feeling rejected? Betrayal and not wanted?

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How does that make you feel in the here and now?

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It makes me feel sad, confuse, like a outcast, feel like I don’t have a purpose, does that make sense?

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@Progression1987 Well if you can look at it like this…
There’s a lot of people in the world who would love you for who you are, if you met them. So those who rejected you it’s their lost You’ve found a site where folks here can identify with you, I would be one! So your not alone. Also you do have purpose that would make sense, you just haven’t came across it yet. Your not an outcast even if the people you looking to give you support and love doesn’t, in time you’ll met new people who will. Tell yourself, you belong here, or else you wouldn’t have made it this far.
Peace be with you I say.

I’ve been told acceptance of situation is what helps minimize triggers. It tends to work for me I’ve found but not easy thing to do. Some friends will be lifelong, some will not, and that’s just life. I’m sorry your going through all this. It’s very painful to lose friendship especially close one. It’s never easy to go through!

@Foundlove it’s definitely challenging but anything is possible, we just have to push.