I’m new to this group. I know I have a problem shopping. I

I’m new to this group. I know I have a problem shopping. In the last 3 months my shopping has been non existent. I’m proud for not overbuying junk I didn’t need. My husband is so high strung-he causes so much stress in my life. I wonder if the stress elevates the need to shop.

I live with a high strung personality. I don't know about your hsband but mine never validates or adds reassurance...thus I find drawn to fill that emotional gap with other coping mechnsms.
Not saying it's his responsibility to make me fulfilled but his stressful inability to be 100% part of a healthy relationship sure doesn't help me feel confident.
Does shopping make you feel like you have CONTROL over something rather than face the fact that very little is in your control? I am still ok with spending due to I don't have the space to put extra stuff anyway but I struggle with how much dopamine getting something brand new in the mail seems to temporarily provide...gahhhh.
All diversionary tactics my brain is trying...
It goes back to a more austere childhood where I only grew up with less than basics, always 2nd hand everything, a LOT of broken stuff, comparing myself to peers, feeling 'less-than'...
Do any of these resonate with you?

@Littlesis7 Sorry -wanted to add congrats that you have seemed to avoided the shopping more recently!