I’m not sure if I’m even able To reach out for support

I’m not sure if I’m even able
To reach out for support here, but I feel as if this may be my last hope. My dad has been battling dementia for 7 years now, and I’ve never known how to deal with it. I’m the “voice of reason” in my family, I tell my friends “I got this”, but in reality, I don’t “got this”. I’m hoping some of you understand and may be willing to help.

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reaching out for support here is exactly why we are here. welcome! are you his caregiver? or are you just struggling with this? my only experience dealing with dementia is in a professional setting years ago, and so I have seen it up close, but had no personal attachment to it. this is one of our less active groups. you might try also exploring some of our other groups and see if you might find someone who understands this better than I :-)

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I’m not a caregiver, just looking for some understanding, any chance you have suggestions on more active sites?

Im sorry im not much help. Im struggling with my depression. Then had a flash back to the family squabbles of own family member who had dementia. Have you looked at alzconnected.org?