I’m really struggling with genital herpes. I’ve had it s

I’m really struggling with genital herpes. I’ve had it since I was 16. I’m 27 now. At first I only had outbreaks a few times a year but now, it’s every other month. It starts with tingling in my butt and leg, then there’s back pain and anal pain, then there’s flu like symptoms, anxiety, heart palpitations, and finally the sore comes and the severe itching starts. I got put on Valtrax but it makes me have vertigo, extreme drowsiness and panic attacks. I feel like there’s nothing I can do to stop having to live this way. I also experience bad cluster headaches through the duration of my outbreak. It’s really interfering with my life and I’m starting to feel quite depressed.

Welcome to the group! We are here for you!
as we age, our bodies change and you'll need to make minor adjustments to keep up with OB's.

the tingling/backpain/anal pain/flu-like symptoms are all part of the "Prodrome Period". everyone's body will react differently.

you may want to contact your Doc and let her know your situation so she can alter your meds. maybe try Acyclovir? again, you symptoms are "normal" for YOU!

i highly recommend started a diary/spreadsheet noting everything you eat and things you encounter as there ARE ***TRIGGERS*** which will induce OB's! once you figure this part out, you'll be ahead of the game! you must become Sherlock Holmes and solve this puzzle!

as i always plead, please download and read the ***FREE*** handbook we have pinned at the top! in case you don't see it, here's the link:


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also, here are some links you can read that may help: