I’m terrified my friend is going to f***ing kill herself!

I’m terrified my friend is going to f***ing kill herself!!!!! She has a narcissistic, sex-addicted father who’s watching her every move, tracking her online!!! She can’t even call a f***ing helpline because her dad will hurt her!!! She’s developed paranoia now because she’s so terrified!!! She’s getting worse and worse and if she doesn’t kill herself, another health problem will!!!!! And last time I was worried about someone killing themselves, I ended up developing awful PTSD symptoms! I can’t do this again!!!! I need to help but I can’t save any more lives!!! Somebody hear me! I’ve never felt this much anger and despair all at once!!!

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I hear you. I hear you very loud. I hear you very clear. I hear you from across the vast span of mental realms we have. I really do!
If she is not of age, call in as an anonymous tip to social working authorities promptly.
If she is of age, find some way to get together and make plans for her help, her sense of self, anything at all! Do not over think this.. You got this! Play it simple, play it smart, play it safe. Do not involve too much or you will be in pain, as well. Just hold on, look for clear waters with you two, and together, not just you, but TOGETHER find some way to get her on her feet!
Most of all, breathe, the world needs people, the kind that care enough to post out to us and ask for help.
We all wish you both luck!

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@Lexii_L oh goodness, thank you so much. I’m so scared. I’m talking to a helpline now.

If you believe she is in danger, call the police.

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@Stationary_Transient we’re okay. We both calmed down. I contacted a helpline and got some sources I really needed.

That sounds like she could be a victim of child abuse. If you know about that, you are required by law to report it. And please do. This friend needs help and where is is not safe for her

@Bush560 she keeps saying that other people have it worse, her situation isn’t that bad, she’ll be fine, etc. But she’s lost more of herself every time I see her. It’s not fine, her health is going downhill. Yet I can’t convince her that she needs to find a way out.