I met a girl and I seriously think I completely fell for her

I met a girl and I seriously think I completely fell for her, she's funny, beautiful, talented, she's perfect... we're a match. I have aready talked about her in another post.

So, the day after a date she started wondering, as she saw that everything was getting kind of serious: I knew there was something going on as when we texted she didn't respond as usual, so I asked “is there something wrong ?”, she started writing and I received an incredibly long text, summarising: she was not sure about us, she was uncertain and asked me if we could go back to being friends; I asked myself what should I do, how can I make her change her mind, and what if I can't? The next couple of hours were pure hell, I was not able to study, to concentrate, I said to her that I'm not going back to “just friends”, we like each other, we flirt, we kiss, that's not how it works “you can't overload my mind with your kindness, with your personality and make it all go away, it doesn't work like that”. After my response she told me, crying, that she didn't mean what she wrote, and we agreed to go back to how things were before all this discussion.

Now, things are great, but we still aren't together, I told her that she could decide when to make a step forward, but the point is that I can't wait anymore, it's the first time that I'm seriously considering that I might LOVE her and not just like her. We've been going out for the past three months, she told me that she had never bond with someone this fast, she said that she needs time. But every single time we see each other and after that last kiss, I start to wonder “when am I going to see her again?” : I saw her yesterday, and every time I think that I will have to wait five days (that are nothing) to see her again, my stomach starts “hurting”, it's like a pressure on the belly that does not go away, but I love this feeling, I like to be this vulnerable.
Anyway I'll tell her this Saturday how I feel, so please wish me luck.

Hello. I have been with my fiance for 2 1/2 years now. I am happy for you that you've found someone you can be open with and comfortable. I've felt many of the feelings you described. If I may say, it is ok to take it slow. 3 months may seem like you know the other person like you've been together for years but a lasting relationship takes time and a certain amount of communication we haven't been held to before. Maybe give her some time and let her process some things on her own. Relationships are about you as a couple but also about you as individuals. Hope your conversation goes well.

@holmes1987 well thanks for the advice I don’t intend to tell her that we should be a couple but I want to say that I am ready for that, if she liked to start a relantionship with me I would be totally comfortable I just want to know if she might be ready

It is good that you are willing to be open with her but keep in mind she might not have an answer for you at the time and may take some time to process and talk with others about her feelings. I have found that if the moment does not feel like it is natural to talk at that time it may be good to wait. Remember to have fun! A friendship/relationship is a balance of honesty and those deep discussions and fun.
Have you talked with a close friend or two of yours about your thoughts or maybe someone who has been in a relationship for a while?

@holmes1987 well I have not, I recently talked to her about all the things that were on my mind: my worries about her doubts exc… well she told me that she doesn’t have doubts anymore. Also today we met and after watching a film, we started kissing and I just asked her: “so what are we now?”, she responded: “I’d say we’re together”, everything went good. I just have an uncertainty: a couple of days ago I also told her that I’d love to see her more often, because I really cannot stand to wait and as she didn’t seem to do anything about it, I started overthinking: “why doesn’t she miss me?” and then I kind of asked it (not these words, I was more discreet). Well the answer didn’t worry me but it was kind of weird, she said that she misses me and that she always wants to see me, but she likes to wait… she likes the waiting in which she misses me. For what I understood, she wants to wait to appreciate more the next time we’ll see each other. My question is: is it weird? Does it make sense?