I met a lovely man at work. I was always against dating some

I met a lovely man at work. I was always against dating someone from the office, but he persisted. He was wonderful, and super keen. (And apparently had liked me for years without me knowing it). I eventually trusted him (having gotten over a difficult break up after three years) it took a lot to trust another man. I'd been single for 7 months. He was super keen. Always calling me, texting me after work, we saw each other all weekend, every weekend for five months. Then we both got promoted to very high power jobs - for the first time, working together (before we never saw each other in our organisation of 4k people unless we organised it). He seemed to get cold feet, grew distant. Then a week ago, he dumped me. Saying I'd been too intense, that it felt like we were married already and that we wanted different things. I didn't think we needed to split, just because of our jobs, I was prepared to give it a go and work at it. I feel it's unfair of him to blame me, when he was the one that came on so strong. And I am not sure if the job thing was just an excuse. He never said he loved me, and when I offer to change role if it was such an issue, (but only if the relationship was not a casual fling to him and that I was falling/ fallen in love with him), he seemed to panic and run. I'm devastated. And mad at myself for trusting him - I thought he and this relationship was different. We've not spoken since he dumped me on sat 18 dec. but I can't hate him as we begin our new roles (promotions) working together on 14 jan..... Any advice in how to handle this?!

Yeah, in these kind of situations, you just need to stay calm and nice. Sometimes a man can become scared of a woman, and especially a woman in power is considered to be scary and intimidating for men.

If you just try to lure the scared cat back in a nice manner, everything will be ok.

Thanks. So do you think this is salvageable? To add to thr complication, his dad died suddenly yesterday morning. We spoke. Briefly. For me to say how sorry I was. He said he wants to see me. And that we should talk. I have no idea what he wants to say .... And I want to be there for him and comfort him. But I can't, because we are separated and I don't want to crowd him at this difficult time. I hope he wants to say he's made a mistake and can we try again, but I'm terrified it won't be that, and I'll have to relive all the break up pain again. Before starting back at work with him on 4 jan.....