I met someone and I told him about my HSV1 genital, he told

I met someone and I told him about my HSV1 genital, he told me he also gets cold sores all the time. My diagnosis didn't bother him at all. We recently broke up because we just weren't as compatible as we thought. Nothing to do with herpes. I just thought I'd let people know who are struggling with self love or think they will never find someone who will accept them.. THATS NOT TRUE! YOU WILL.You have to accept it yourself first and move on before you are ready to find someone who is right for you. Be patient.

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I TOLD YOU SO!!! lol!
@sadbeyond. YOU READING THIS?!?!???

@a_survivor yes, I see this. I guess I can find someone someday to care for me. Maybe.

in the meantime, the focus is all about YOU and ONLY YOU!
first things first and YOU are priority #1! can't proceed past go until YOU are whole!

and that starts TODAY!

I just took a bath and looked in the mirror. I have a big red blotch on my cheek. I'm about to have blisters on my face...I want to die! I have been fighting genital blisters for a week. What's the next phase? Healing or more spots? Please help!

too hard to make a call without seeing any pics AND We Are Not Medical Doctors here.
very possible it’s something else? unless it was transferred to your face from your genitals? that is called Herpes Autoinnoculation.


OMG! CAN I NOT ESCAPE THIS JUST A LITTLE??? I thought after a week it would get better, not worse! I can't catch a break! God help me!

SO WHAT’S HAPPENING? did the red area break out?


we have all fallen. the true warrior acknowledges this, brushes themselves off and continues with the battle!

The spot went away. I think its high blood pressure from the antiviral drug. I was hoping to take the drug for 1 year to keep hsv away but now I don't know if I can. I just want to scream. This has destroyed my life. I want to hide it but I don't know if I can. I'm feeling bad. It's only been a week. I want to dug a hole and jump in.

@a_survivor I wish I was a warrior. Maybe I was before this. I’ve been through so much but this is the worse because I did it to myself. I trusted a lier. My kids are going to cut me off. I’m freaking out again. Losing my mind. God help me!

Ok, bad day. Tomorrow will be better. Feeling like I got the flu. Im taking immune meds. I have another week of the antiviral meds. I didn't get Valtrex till day 5. Begged my doctor for an appointment. It will work better the next time because I can take it earlier. Just gotta get past Initial OB. Today is day 10. Thank you for being here. I don't have anyone who understands and I'm still trying to wrap my head around this and cope. Thank you so much. Please keep checking back.

don’t forget that as time passes your body is learning about this new intruder and building its own army to combat OB’s.

this is generally why the first OB is the worst…

It just sucks so bad and I'm trying to hide it and keep everyone from getting it. Mind blowing bad. And...the sun's about to go down. Always worse after dark... come out of my skin.

@Sadbeyond So sorry your hurting. Praying for you.