I miscarried last night, I was 11 weeks pregnant and I had bI miscarried last night, I was 11 weeks pregnant and I had

I miscarried last night, I was 11 weeks pregnant and I had been so excited for this baby. I knew It was too early, as I am only 17yrs old. I started spotting while I was at school yesterday and immediately told my mom. She picked me up and took me to urgent care. The doctor sent me to get an ultrasound to give me a full diagnose report (which I was supposed to receive today), but last night I woke up with the strongest abdominal pain I have ever experienced. I was bleeding more, just like how I bleed during my period and I tried to wait. I started feeling nauseous and drank more and more water (don't ever do that, it makes your nausea worse, the nurse said) However, the pain ended up becoming too strong for me to handle any longer, so I called my boyfriend (since my dad is a ****, and my mom was at work) and had him take me to the ER. There they took out blood from me, they did a pelvic exam, and an ultrasound. During the pelvic exam, the Doctor found something that looked like tissue or blood clots and took it out. After the ultrasound, we found out that that "clot" had indeed been my baby. It was such an awful night, I was so tired, I was so hungry, and I lost my baby. My heart feels broken to have lost my little angel. I was really looking forward to having him/her in my arms 7 months from now. I know things happen for a reason and I know that I can get pregnant later on, but I wanted this baby and it hurts so much to have lost it.

I am so sorry to hear this, hope your doing better today.

It hurts l, probably the worst pain you'll ever feel, emotionally, but the good news if you survived this there isn't much worse that can happen to you. Seriously after losing a child nothing that happens to you seams horrible. I lost my baby when I was 15 years old, I got pregnant when I lost my virginity. I'm now 21 and I still cry all the time. If she would have left bed she'd be 5 years old! It's so hard not to dwell on these things but you're ur child wouldn't want you to cry. He/she would have wanted you to be happy. The hardest part is that no one understands. To them it wasn't even a real baby yet! It's almost sickening how little people actually care. And no one understands everything they say just pisses you off. How dare they right. Yeah it hurts but you'll be okay. But it's important you know that even though it gets easier with time, and it does, this wound will never heal, you'll carry the pain, your friends will puss you off when they start having babies, and don't wanna hang out because they have mom stuff to do and only wanna hang out with other moms. Like your not a mom? I'm sorry this is turning into a rant. If you want someone to talk to I'm here. I could use a buddie who knows what it feels like too f your up for it.

thanks elaine1971. And Elliebean, you understand me more than anyone. It's definitely hard. Especially when your parents say they'll be supportive and your dad walks past you like you don't exist or when your mom blames the death of your baby on you. It hurts so much. I've never had so much pain before. I wish I could run away or something but I can't. Especially not with my boyfriend because he's 18 and technically that's illegal even though we are in the same grade. I don't know what to do anymore when my parents make me feel bad and the only support is from my boyfriend whom I can't really be with. It's hard.