I miscarried last year April 22. Im currently pregnant again

I miscarried last year April 22. Im currently pregnant again. 6 weeks to be exact. I had a u/s last Thursday and she seen the gestational sac and the yolk sac but no baby. I'm so worried and stressed. I hope this pregnancy goes ok. I have to go back tomorrow for another sonogram. Hopefully I'll see baby and heartbeat.

hey there, how did the appointment go? please keep us updated!

Hey hun. Wellllll... lol the appointment went downhill at first but then turned out awesome. First the u/s tech did the so no and said she would be right back and went to go get the doctor. The doctor comes in and said she doesn't see anything and it doesn't seem that this is a viable pregnancy. Then the doctor asks can she take one last look. The tech puts the probe back in kinda roughly. And voila... There goes baby, and heartbeat at 116 beats per min. I cried. Thanked God. The doctor did say I have a little blood behind my placenta. But hopefully my uterus will absorb it. Thanks for your concern

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