I need a bit of help

hi, i am a mother of 2 who has been addicted to canabis for over 10 years, if i cant get any i will just get drunk, as for some f.... reason i need to be wasted, my husband does not know the extend of my addiction, i am scared to tell him, becacause i think he wont understand, he is a casual drinker and smoker (canabis) and does not know what its like to be trapped.

Hi Nicole, Welcome to SupportGroups.com . I am Tammy, an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery. I am also married and a mom of three daughters. Have you ever been to AA http://www.aa.org/ or NA http://www.na.org/ ? There is also MA http://www.marijuana-anonymous.org/ . Those are 12 step groups that help people with addictions. There you will find people who have been where you are at and understand. I went to AA for help with my drinking and have also used the 12 steps for help with other areas in my life. Why do you think you feel the need to be wasted? Keep sharing with us. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

hi Tammy,
thanks for talking to me. no i have never found the courage to tell anyone what i am going throu. somedays i think i am absolutly fine and i am just thinking silly and i can stop when i want, and somedays i feel like im totaly lost. what scares me to death is that i know that in order for me to recover, i will never be able to touch a glass of alcohol or have a smoke ever again, i tried so many times to slow down, cut down and everytime i relaps i go a bit further down.