I need advice plz! I've been dating a man for almost 3yrs an

I need advice plz! I've been dating a man for almost 3yrs and he's incarcerated. The problem is that I have low self-esteem about my weight so I only send him face shot pictures. He asked me to send him a full body picture but I'm not comfortable with my weight. I've lost a lot of weight but I'm not at the size I want to be, he doesn't get out until next year in may What should I do?

show what you got if he's real he'll accept u

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I'm sure you've heard this before but it's true. If he doesn't like who you are on the inside then you're better off without him. It has taken me 44 years to love myself. I've always been overweight. I've lost over 100 pounds but I still have 40 more to lose. If I lose it fine, if not then that's okay too. People tend to prey in people with low self esteem. Just be careful. Do you mind if I ask what he did to be in prison ? Prayers and hugs your way

@bookworm604 well his sister ex boyfriend beat her while she was pregnant and raped her daughter and he beat the dude very bad.

He tells me all the time he loves me for me but I'm afraid that he will stop loving me, maybe I'm afraid of rejection from someone I love.

I understand how you feel. Rejection is hard. Please just try to remember that if someone rejects you it's them with the problem, not you. I'm a firm believer in being healthy and that's what finally made me open my eyes and get serious. But just remember to love yourself too.

I never thought of it that way thank you so much sweetie!

You're welcome dear one. Chin up ! You're worth it !!

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God works in mysterious ways and I truly believe he was working through you to get 2 me thank you again.

Aw you're sweet. He does indeed work in mysterious ways. This SG site has been a godsend to me trying to get away from my boyfriend. But I'll be glad to listen anytime.