I need help

Im new to this site and this is the first time I have ever really talked about my problems.I had anorexia 2 years ago and now im struggling with bulimia.i dont make myself sick but im addicted to laxatives.i take around 60 a day and im at the point where my stomach is burning from the inside and Im crapping (sorry) blood.this happens daily.is there anybody out there who can offer me any advise or anybody who's going through the same???

Hey lennu.

Welcome to Support Groups. I have never taken laxatives but do struggle with purging at the moment.

Are you getting any professional help?? I have read about people who use laxatives slowly reducing the amount the take. I am not sure if there are others who can offer advice on this but i think a professional may be best placed to help you.

It is clear that your body is screaming out for mercy, based on the physical symptoms you mention so it is crucial that you get help as soon as possible to avoid doing any more damage to your body.

Well done for coming on here and writing about this. I know that it is a big step oftentimes for people in terms of overcoming eating disorders.

I wish you the best.

Please keep writing.